Small Time Girl, Big City Hustle


*jay z voice* 

fuck it i want a trllion


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You were always too busy

Too busy lying. Too busy doing other shit to have time for me. Too busy to work through problems so you chose to ignore me. But now, I’m too busy. Too busy loving someone else.


Money does wonders.

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 …was it possible that the mere fact of using one’s hands and investing one’s attention in someone other than oneself, created a pride and tenderness that had nothing whatever to do with the response of the object of one’s care—just as a craftman’s love for his handiwork is in no way diminished by the fact of it being unreciprocated?

-Amitav Ghosh, Sea of Poppies

something borrowed.


Like a book from

the library, you check

me out, you read me,

you have me open wide

baring everything that

I have to offer.

You borrowed my heart

for your own entertainment

and then you returned me.

You leave fingerprints on

me, and I leave my story

with you.

I feel like this. But sometimes I don’t want to be checked out & returned. I want someone to love my work so much they’ll buy me. You know, so I can be with them forever. I want to be someone’s favorite work of art, the one that you love so much that everytime you read it, it hurts to put it down. I want to be so loved that after he’s done reading me, we’ll just start writing the sequel together.

I don’t necessarily blog for other people

I blog for myself. I blog because sometimes after a long day of note-taking in classes, homework, and study guides I need to give my hand a break and type my thoughts out. I blog because I know my friends get tired of hearing me talk so I give their ears a break. Sometimes I just need to get it out of my system, so I blog and hope that someone gains something from it at the same time.

If I have to tell myself every morning

That it’s going to be a good day until I start believeing it, then I will.

I’m not s**t

I decided in DECEMBER I was going to do 365 days of thanks. It’s March & I’ve done like 10! Do better Jessica.

Day 11: (March 6, 2013). I’m thankful for the “snow” (that I don’t see) because it closed school, I missed my Pialtes midterm and now I have all day to study for the 2 finals I have tomorrow.

SpongeBob Episode = My Life

Y’all ever seen the Spongebob episode where Squidward eats Krabby Patties for the first time but he OD’s! Like he eats sooo much of them and they go alllll to his thighs…yeah that’s my daily life when I eat anything. smh.